Name: Dallas  "Southern Belle"

Height: 6'0 

Weight: Depends on my mood......

Birthday: August 20th 


Sexual Orientation: Hybrid

What is a Hybrid

A hybrid is a sexually unconfined individual that is not limited by gender or other notions of mainstream society. 

Location: Atlanta/San Francisco

  Are you ready to lick the salt? The sands of time drip idly by but you remain completely still. You have slept the sleeps of a thousand sleeps because in your dreams you are free.  You have fed until your belly has swelled to the point of bursting, but still you crave more. Your ravenous urges compel you to satisfy that endless hunger and this is when the search begins. You come to me hungry, tired, bent and broken. You begin by painstakingly scouring the internet in search of answers ...answers to questions that you are to afraid to ask. Why am I different? What is "wrong" with me? Why can't I be "normal"?  and that is when you find Me. Something bigger than your wildest dreams.  Something you could never have imagined before. Someone who can somehow end your hunger and provide that feeling of wholeness you have never felt before. In thatmoment, however brief, you are finally one. A whole person uninhibited and unashamed of who you are and of what you desire to be.  As after all, what worth is life if it is not meant to be lived? What is living if you do NOT feel alive? Allow Me to breathe new life into your mediocre existence. Inhale faith and exhale fear. Leave the confines of your own mind and take the road less traveled. Your search has endedhere and your true journey can finally begin. Stand before the pillar of the earth and lick the salt once and for all. Taste the bitter sweetness of it and remember it still. For the best is yet to come.